Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am addicted to civil war least for the time being

North Star

Catch me if you can

Seven Sisters
Barbara Brackman currently has a blog civil war 2011 sesquecentennial, she posts a new 8 " block from the era and a story about it. I cant wait til saturday to see the new block. Also a flickr group where we are posting and sharing our own blocks. Check it out....
Then at my local quilt guild we are having a quilt along block of the month and I am going to do another civil war especailly since I bought so much fabric at the OKC winter quilt show.. History was not my subject in school and now I am loving learning all about that time especially thru quilt blocks.

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Helen said...

All of your blocks are lovely! I'm half way thru making Kansas Troubles and so far so good! Texas Tears took me three goes but I got there in the end!!

Just read your post on the discussion group... I agree, thank heavens for Lillian! I have emailed Lillian and thanked her for the wonderful instructions. She encouraged me to put up a post about my experience in making each block, so I'm going to try to do that from now on.

I used my WonderCut ruler to make the HST's for Kansas Troubles and everything came out the right size. I have found that spray starch is my new best friend and I don't use steam on any of the piecing, but I do use it right at the end. I'm also pressing all of my seams open, to reduce bulk.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this weekly challenge. Before today, I had never pieced such small little squares!