Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor day news

To start the day I did go to Joanns and bought some white on white fabric, must of been a God thing.
Then one of my friends daughter-in-law had a beautiful baby girl
And now for the big news in my life, my youngest daughter Kelly ended the evening by calling us to tell us she was engaged and yes to a man who is a dream come true for her and our family. 2 days later she calls me to let me know she wants me to make a white on white quilt as a wedding gift and to have it on their bed on the wedding day. Guess when that is ? November 7, 2010, yep a mere 7 weeks away. She did tell me she didnt expect me to get all of the blocks made myself and wanted me to solicit my quilting friends and ask them to make a block and pray for she and Aaron, I have gotten so much response I am shocked and delighted, Oh did I mention the bed is a King, yes I need 100 121/2" blocks.
Thank goodness I have almost all of my swap blocks finished

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Hollie said...

Mary that's wonderful news! Congratulations!