Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Boonie Quilting Hut

Heading up the hill and here we are, My daughter painted the mariners compass and another daughter painted the red door. Welcome everyone!

Ready for a look around? lets go
Here I am working on my nieces blocks, having a blast ripping them apart. One things for sure, it made the arthritis in my hand flare up.
This is Sheila ,she works right across from me and gives me a hard time, if anything of mine crossing the line she lets me know. All jokingly. We have a good time and alot of laughs.Sheila brought in the microwave and alot of fabric for our doantion quilts we make for  preemie babies and cancer kids. She is quite talented.
This is Anita who started out as a quiet and shy woman, but that didnt last long, she gets with it just like the rest, has to if she wants to survive. Anita loves reproduction fabrics, if she sees any in your stash watch out she will take it!
This is Amy and Anita and laughing about something, but then that isnt unusual. Now if you want to see PERFECT piecing Amy is it! her work is amazing.
South window angle, my work station, across from me is Sheila and next is Phyllis who wasnt with us when I took the pictures.We will get her. Today she spilled her Route 44 diet coke, now nothing worse can happen to us, thank goodness I had cokes in the frig.
Here is the north wall, Also absent today was Dorie, she went to Texas to be with her daughter-in-law for the birth of her grandaughter.Thats her machine and her donation was the frig, great assett I might add!
Here is the west wall, we have a cutting shelf along with our computer, no internet, boo hoo but then we may never get any work done so all is well, we use the computer to make copies of quilt blocks, we have several programs, Carol Doaks paper piecing is one of my favorites

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Pat said...

Very nice, Mary. Looks like everyone is having fun also. The quilts are very pretty. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Quilting!