Friday, September 5, 2008

Our quilting Texan

Click here for a larger view.Click here for a larger view.Click here for a larger view.Ok so Our lady of the lake is on this page, I am new at this and cant figure out how to move it...
These 2 quilt tops are completed by Evelyn, she comes up from Texas and if you ever wanted to watch a quilter on a  mission, thats Evelyn, she can put together a quilt top in a flash and its "perfect", Evelyn doesnt do her actually quilting while with us but I have seen her work and she quilts prettier than any I have seen. We love having Evelyn join us and this year she brought another friend of she and Susans, Douglas, sorry I dont have a picture of her Ok I told you Dorie was a perfectionist, well Douglas is amazing, and she does her work very maticulous and s.l.o.w, in fact I didnt know a machine could run that slow. Boy it pays off. Please come back next year Doug we all loved you, such a fun gal.

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