Friday, September 5, 2008

Carol Messenger

Carol our dear friend and fabulous quilter. We lost Carol Sept. 17, 2005 from a long battle with cancer, I know she is resting in peace.
She loved the retreats and during one she and I
stayed up til 4 in the am trying to figure out my computer program, we laughed our heads off not to mention wetting our pants numerous times, Carol had a great sense of humor. She had shared with me that day that the Dr. had done all he could for her and she was on a mission getting as many quilt tops finished for her kids and future grandkids. We lost her 8 months later.
This awesome yellow and black is her rendition of "farmers friend" she named it "Yellow submarine" for her son Greg since he loved the Beatles.
This poem is just a sampling of her wit.

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